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Hybrid Ecologies

I'm an undergraduate researchers at the Hybrid ecologies lab under Cesar Torres and Prof. Eric Paulos. My team has developed a software and outlined a creative process that allows art practitioners to use technology to augment their artwork. My task was to conduct user studies and recommend changes in the software UI, information architecture and the design practice. 

Cognitive Walkthrough

I developed personas to understand the archetype of people I wanted to recruit for user studies. Keeping each persona in mind, I did a walkthrough of the entire design process which included- creating an art piece using thermochromic watercolors, designing and printing a circuit with our software, testing the actuation interaction and debugging. I noted what each persona could do, what would go wrong and tried to act as if I was in their shoes. Based on the walkthrough, I derived features that the software needed to allow users creative freedom. 


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User Research

Task Flow

Cognitive Walkthrough

Process Walkthrough